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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Absolutely Moi Says Voices, A Charity Event

Ello everybody!!!!!!
Wahhhh....saye sudah lame x update ini blog.
Maafkan sy kwn2.
Sy amat bz dgn event sy yg bertajuk "Voices, A Charity Event"

Alhamdulillah, event tu berjaya.

Disebabkan ari tu sy ckp skit je smpi org tu ckp die xdgr ape sy ckp kat ats stage tu, maka dgn ini, sy akn bace kn (or shld i say tulis kn :p) ape yg ptt sy ckp.

First of all,
I would like to say thank you so much for coming to Voices.
Each and every person here have contributed sumthing to the kids in Asrama Jambor Sakti, and I know they really appreciate it.
Hope you guys have fun tonite.

Once again, thank you for coming :)

I would like to say thanks so much to my commitees; Dy, Kamal, Enna, Kama, Weena, Has, Dura1, Haziq aka Josh aka Abg Sasa, Zaihan aka Hall Manager, Paan aka Soundman, Norman, Atie, Lina, Ad, Heidi, Kecik, Ezree, Zurin, Dura2, Bab, Ihsan, sume org la...termasuk ad-hoc. Nak list name sume org byk sgt. U guys are the best team I've ever had. I cant make it w/o u guys.

To UPG, thx for giving me this opportunity. Now I can add sumthing extra to my resume :p

To Click A Child , thx for helping us A LOT. Hope to work with u guys again (pesta buku maybe, tul x Syed)

Haaa...tu la yg I ptt ckp on stage. Tp sbb cuak sgt dat time, xtau ape yg kua from my mouth :p

Kitorg bg RM 11, 000 to Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan, to be given to Asrama Jambor Sakti.
Lebih nye??? ade la kan...kire cukup la tuk byr artist2 sume, sound system + lighting, CMEAD, sume la. Kire xde hutang la ni. Alhamdulillah.

Met Along and Ajat and also my bestfren :D Soooo sorry to Along and Ajat sbb xdpt nk teman u guys backstage. So many unexpected things happened that nite.

p/s Along menggunakan backstage pass nye 100% !!! Bagus2 :D

Crowd yg dtg, almost 5,000. Almost. Sound system only for 3,000 - 3,500 pax. Haaa, da lebih da. Ade yg ckp sound system mlm tu x bape elok. But, majoriti ckp best. Best gile. Murah plak tu. Sampai kn ade yg da tny bile nk buat Voices II...Insya Allah, akn ade xlame lg. But, not in MMU. Xmo buat kat MMU da. Hahaha

On dat nite, sume org ade gmbr masing2. Mcm Along ngn Ajat, dpt amik gmbr ngn Lan MUH, Noh Hujan, Yuna. Director gak yg xdpt :( Xde gmbr lgsg rs nye :p

Tp xpela...tu dinamakan sacrifice director kpd event die. Psni xmo jd director da!!! *hint to Paan*

To all press yg dtg, thank u so much! Harap2 naik la name MMU bcoz of Voices *lalalala*

Sy sudah ngntok. Mau tdo. Nite all

Esok post mortem ngn committee sume. Adekah sy akn dimarahi oleh mereka??? Haziq, jgn mrh I sgt eh *bambi eyes*


ajathajar said...

congratulations irene!

-irene- said...

ajathajar: thank u!!! *hugs*

along said...

i finally updated on dis event..phew!!

u did a gr8 job dear!!
sangat brpuas ati =)

next concert, sile reserve 1 tshirt utk alg ek?

-irene- said...

tq along ;)
btw, tshirt yg mane? tshirt yg jual color putih yg ade lips je yg tgl skrg ni
tu pon x byk and size xxs je ade. nk x?

Yazid Husain said...

congratulations and thanks for the backsatge pass for this event.

ada t-shirt lebih boleh bagi x, size xxs pun tak ape.

yazid, friend of edy and along. thanks

Yazid Husain said...

kalu nak gambar boleh

just drop ur address, Aq akan poskan or email. better pos because size untuk envent muat untuk satu cd. ok

upah satu t-shirt ke, dua t-shirt ke tak kisah janji dapat t-shirt. ha ha ha

address email to /

along said...

oy oy oy..bukan maen lg yazid :P

i want one too!!
xkesah la xde size least a momento of it..
alg siap laminate d backstage pass tau ;)

Avicenna said...

Congratz to you and UPG .

Anonymous said...

congrats to you ONLY..and your committees.UPG did nothing so no for them.VOICES ROXX

Multifuncional said...

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Anonymous said...

hehehehe...UPG did nothing..I repeat..UPG DID need to congrats them....ONLY and your team did a good job....

-irene- said...

errrr...tq :p
hope thet read this :)

i know the reason they put the 'anonymous' name bcoz no one wants evry other person to know their identity, but who is this?

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