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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Absolutely Moi Says Meh Kite Raye Sakan

All the pics above were taken during Malam Germerlapan Aidilfitri. I wore last 2 yrs punye bj. Bole plak la mlm tu ramai pakai bj color biru. Ish2.. Coincidence. Had fun, but I wonder why they switch on the AC late. Panas betul Grand Hall tu. Da nk dekat abis br rasa sejuk. Baik xyh bukak :p

Owh, ade lg pics2 lain. Me with Zurin, Myza, Iela. Pic dok satu meja ngn Nana pon ade. Tp x dpt lg. Nnt nk mntk la kat dorg.

X byk sgt mkn dat nite. Rugi RM12. Mkn skit je.

Last2, kitorg g McD. I had Fries and Coke :p


I am going to be the director for Charity Concert '07 for Earthquake Victims in Padang, Indonesia. It's a sub-event of UPG 10th Anniversary Carnival. Event details:

Date: 14th December 2007
Time: 2000 hrs
Venue: Multipurpose Hall, MMU Cyberjaya.

Family and frens, kene dtg :D

p/s MMU Cyber students yg tgh baca ni, if nak jd committee pon bole gak.


ajathajar said...

ry dh lm hbs ok..
hehe =p

-irene- said...

ajathajar: mmg la da abis. tp mmu br nk buat. hehe..celebrate je la :p

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